What is a Microchip?

A tiny glass, insert capsule the size of a grain of rice containing an identification number linking you to your pet.

Where is your pet microchipped?

The micro chip is implanted at the back of the neck in between the shoulder blades. Each pet has a unique identification number that is never duplicated. Once implanted it can be scanned to find the details of the pets home and owner.

Micro chipping is for life and once micro chipped the chip cannot be removed.

If your pet is not micro chipped you will be very lucky if you ever get your pet back, with no identification how could you prove the pet is yours! By having your pet micro chipped, if it ever gets out and gets lost, by a vet or dog warden scanning your pet they will be able to identify the owner and reunite the pet back with the owner. Micro chipping is a quick pain free procedure and covers your pet for life.

All micro chips once implanted are then recorded with your pets details and the owners details and is stored on the petlog database which is part of the UK Kennel Club. If your pet is found it will be scanned, then using the unique identification code pet log will be contacted and using the database, your code will identify the owners details and youwill be reunited with your pet.

What pets do we microchip?

We micro chip the following pets:

  • Dogs/ Puppies
  • Cats/ Kittens
  • Rabbits
  • Ferrets

How old must your pet be in order to microchip?

No earlier than 8-10 weeks. If your pet is very small I would recommend 10-12 weeks instead.