We can visit your pet when you are unable to !
About our pet-sitting service

  • Perfect for owners who are working late and need their pet walked or fed.
  • Ideal if you are going away for a week, weekend or even a day, we can visit your pet.
  • Small Animal visits and litter tray cleaning.
  • Feed the your dog/cat and let them out to the toilet.

If you are in hospital or need the extra help, Rachel’s pet care service can help.

We offer a 30minute visits or a 1 hour visit, once a day, twice a day or even every other day which ever you require.

Once all duties are done any remaining time is spent keeping your pet company and playing with your pet.

Holiday pet house visits
As a pet owner myself I believe that all pets prefer to be in their own environment, where they are use to staying, playing and somewhere that has their own smells that’s familiar to them.
Most pets are more relaxed and don’t get stressed and like being in the comfort of their own home.
Pet house visits are ideal for all types of pets such as small animals, birds, rabbits, guineapigs, cats and some dogs depending on the dog.