Rachel’s Pet Care Services offer a nail clipping service. We can come to your home and clip your pets nails or you can bring your pet to us. If your pet is boarding with us, then we can cut their nails during the boarding period.

This will also save you a visit to the vets.

What type of pets need their nails cut?

  • Dogs, Cats, Rabbits & Guinea Pigs
  • Indoor pets that can’t go out to scratch around and wear their nails down
  • Older pets that don’t move around as much or exercise as much as they use to and so would need their nails cut

How often should my pets nails be cut?

I’d recommend that your pets nails are checked and cut at least every 6-8 weeks if required. Some pets nails grow quicker than others and the last thing you would want is for them to start curling, as this will cause pain for your pet and they will have trouble walking and moving around. Pets with larger nails are more capable of causing damage to your house and furniture, your pet could catch the nail and rip it off, which will cause your pet pain and will be very sore.

A Pet’s Toe Nail

A pet’s toe nail is constructed of a harder outer cover, which protects the quick, which is the inner soft part of the nail, containing blood vessels and tender nerve endings. Pets with light coloured nails, the quick can be seen as a faintly pinkish colour and is easy to avoid cutting into. Some nails that are black in colour, the quick is totally invisible and so when trimming you need to be extra careful and only a small amount should be taken away to avoid cutting the quick.

Please Note: Pets with black nails are very difficult to establish where the quick is on the nail, even though every bit of care and attention is taken to avoid cutting the quick, please don’t be offended if the quick is slightly cut as even the most professional vets can make the nails bleed as its impossible to know where the quick is.

Book Your Pet Nail Cutting Today!

Prices start from just £5 per pet. (Depending on travelling distance a mileage charge may occur).