We can visit your puppy when you are unable to, for company and stimulation.

What happens with a puppy house visit?

  • We will feed your puppy if required
  • Replenish their water
  • Take your puppy out for a walk ( once injections complete)
  • Clean up any accidents. • Give your puppy some company, lots of cuddles and attention when you are unable to
  • Change puppy training pads
  • Teach your puppy her beginner training commands
  • Text message and email available for puppy up dates

Puppy Walks

Once your puppy has had both injections, we can then take your puppy out for walks. Walks are great for socialising and teaching your puppy, as well as helping to stimulate their minds and give them the exercise they require. Puppies need much less exercise than fully grown dogs. If you over exercise a puppy you can over tire it and damage your puppies joints.

Dog and puppy walks available 7 days a week with no extra charge for weekends.

How long should your puppy be walked for?

5 minutes exercise per month of age. Up to twice a day Once fully grown they can go out for much longer.

Have you had your puppy microchipped?

Check out our Microchipping Service for more information